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First Off
Comox Valley Redux
Fair England's Shore
London Underground
A Secret World
Bedtime At Bryn Rhodyn
Directions: Forwards, Backwards, Afterwards
What Fresh Page Is This?
Ghosts Of Albion
Huish Episcopi
Home and The World Links

Sur la Lune Fairy Tales

 Some History

The earliest Christian description
of the Holy Places

A chronicle of the life and death
of The Essex Mountain Sanitorium,
a hospital located in Verona,New Jersey.
that was built in 1902 and
abandoned in the 1970's.
a very, very strange place

 Matters Spiritual

some history plus the
outline of a monks day,
amongst other things

lies cradled in the magnificent
South Pembrokeshire coastline
on the western fringes of Wales.
it is one of Britain's holy islands.
the Cistercian monks of Caldey
continue a tradition which
began there in Celtic times

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