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Underground History:Disused stations.

Yes the back drop is the map of "The Tube" as it is today, and yes we've provided a link to the, but this particular page isn't just about the tube, it's also about other undergrounds in and around London, a secret history , as it were, of England's capital
The look we're taking at the tube is of a bit of skewed one, we think, stations and lines that have been abandoned, and some brief historical notes on the history of tunnels and tunnelling in London. We're in the process of gathering some of the art work, in the form of posters, that adorned the underground stations, particularly in the thirties, a brief aside here, in some of the abandoned stations, that self same art work is still there, dusty, a bit torn, but still visible.

The Tube

The Tube

from 1798 to the present day

not your usual look
at "The Tube"

a page from the BBC

where The Underground
and the surface railways met

a page with lots of links,
from the London Underground

The Underground City

an overview of
"hidden" London.
from Heritage Magazine