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Bedtime At Bryn Rhodyn

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It Begins Then Changes

This began as  a test page, testing out new colours on this and other new backgrounds, specifically created for this and our other websites, but as with everything we do, it has evolved into something else.
What that something else is, we will see as we go along. We do hope that you'll bear with us with this page and the whole of this site. might recognise the gentleman in the border pictures, he's always with us in one way or another.
Hey, we hope you like the page title as much as we do. Bedtime at Bryn Rhodyn is a wonderful instrumental  on the Albion Band album,
Before Us Stands Yesterday. Hunt the album down and give it a listen, it's an absolutely gorgeous piece.....
Well it does seem that this page has become one for the aforesaid album Before Us Stands Yesterday, but perhaps we knew that right at the beginning.

Albion Band. 1999. Archives

Ashley Hutchings, vocals, electric bass guitar, spoken word
Joe Broughton, fiddle , mandolin, keyboards
Gillie Nicholls, vocals, acoustic guitar
Ken Nicol, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sequencing, mandolin
Neil Marshall, drums, percussion

The Albion Band 1999

Before Us Stands Yesterday. 1999
HTD Records HTD CD 90 1999

The Complete Angler
Jig Sawjig/Real Alereel
Excerpt from Arnold Bennett's novel "Clayhanger"
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Bedtime At Bryn Rhodyn
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I'm Going Away, Love

Seven Strong Spires

Recorded by Ken Nicol at
Tone Deaf Studios, Preston,
England in December 1998,
January 1999 and February 1999

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to give background information
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held at Shrewsbury Library.