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Underground Kent

"down, down, far underground, ho! ho! my lads...."
The Hobbit- J.R.R Tolkien


Lots of pictures and information.
 A brilliant site,very informative indeed 

A strange underground kingdom
which has laid beneath the
city of Liverpool, England, 
since the early 1800's.

A good site with lots of
pictures and information
other similar places.

the study and investigation of
man-made and man used
underground places

a group with a shared
interest in discovering
and cataloguing places
long forgotten, both under and

The Other Channel Tunnel
Two Links

Researches and records the above
and underground sites on
Portsdown, Portsmouth, UK

Deep beneath South Heighton,
near  Newhaven, East Sussex, lie
the forgotten remains
of a once vibrant maritime
intelligence centre.

A great site of pictures
and information of tunnels and
fortifications in Dover.UK


 near the village of Cliffe on
the Hoo peninsula in Kent,
was built in the mid-nineteenth century
 as a defence against the invasion
of London via the Thames estuary.

King Henry Vlll feared invasion from
France and Spain and built several forts
along the south coast to command
harbours and landing zones. He built
Yarmouth Castle, Hurst Castle and
Sharpnode Blockhouse,  the first
defensive position on this site, built in 1547.

the castle was built by
Henry VIII as one of a chain
of coastal fortresses and was
completed in 1544. A critical element
 in the improvement of the defences
of the south coast by Henry VIII
was the protection of the Solent

this site is the result of one persons 
interest in the old Napoleonic defences
of the south coast of England.

A very interesting and detailed site
on the defences of the
Western Heights of Dover -
one of the most heavily and
consistantly fortified areas of Britain